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Apricot Tart

A flaky pastry crust is topped with a layer pastry cream then apricots are spaced evenly across the tart shell. The pastry is baked to a golden brown color. Brushed all over with a hot apricot glaze helps keep it fresh and moist.

Small Tarts
Serving Size:
8 Individual
Difficulty Level:
Photo Gallery:
Storage Factor:
+1 Day

 Apricot Tart - Small Tarts Category
| Apricot Tart |

Ingredients Required: Apricot Tart

  Ingredient Quantity
1. Puff Pastry Dough 1 Sheet - thawed
2. Pastry Creme 6 ounces
3. Apricot Halves (Canned 15.5 ounces) 2 cans - 12 ounces drained weight
4. Apricot Glaze 4 ounces

Preparation Instructions: Apricot Tart

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