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Holiday Cakes
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Category Feature
spaceHoliday Cakes (15)
spaceCrocumboucheThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceKirsch Holiday Cake
spaceCarrot Yule Log
spaceOrange Profiteroles
spaceChocolate Savoyard
spaceChoc Rhum Buche
spaceChocolate Yule Log
spaceChoc Profiteroles
spaceBlack Forest Log
spaceCoffeeMousse Log
spaceValentine Cake
spaceChoc-Hazelnut Torte
spaceCericette Log
spaceAlmond Weave
spaceChoc Holiday Cake
space~~end of category~~
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Holiday Cakes

This category is loaded with all the cakes, yule logs and Holiday goodies. Lots of great ideas here to help you with your holiday pastry needs. Good place to be during the Holiday.

. . . and the Crocumbouche Wow is most popular this month . . .
CrocumbouchespaceBarGraph 58space
Kirsch Holiday CakespaceBarGraph 52space
Carrot Yule LogspaceBarGraph 48space
Orange ProfiterolesspaceBarGraph 47space
Chocolate SavoyardspaceBarGraph 44space
Choc Rhum BuchespaceBarGraph 42space
Chocolate Yule LogspaceBarGraph 40space
Choc ProfiterolesspaceBarGraph 40space
Black Forest LogspaceBarGraph 39space
CoffeeMousse LogspaceBarGraph 35space
Valentine CakespaceBarGraph 31space
Choc-Hazelnut TortespaceBarGraph 30space
Cericette LogspaceBarGraph 29space
Almond WeavespaceBarGraph 28space
Choc Holiday CakespaceBarGraph 24space
Popularity graph for April-2014

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