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Petits Fours
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Category Feature
spacePetits Fours (24)
spaceCoffee EclairThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceChocolate Eclair
spaceChoux Chantilly
spaceChoc-Rhum Balls
spaceNapoleon Square
spaceBing Cherry Tart
spacePineapple Tart
spaceKirsch Buchette
spaceOrange Tartlette
spaceChocolate Tart
spaceBlueberry Tart
spaceTuxedo Square
spaceBanana Tart
spaceLemon Tart
spaceStrawberry Tart
spaceKirsch Puff
spaceRaspberry Tart
spaceChoc-Orange Cakes
spaceChocolate Puff
spaceKiwi Tart
spaceKirsch Cakes
spaceCoffee Tart
spaceDiamond Walnut
space~~end of category~~
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Petits Fours

Party Food! This category is full of miniature cakes & sweet rhum balls, tartlets of all sorts, pate a choux pastries all in their miniature versions.

. . . and the Coffee Eclair Wow is most popular this month . . .
Coffee EclairspaceBarGraph 288space
Chocolate EclairspaceBarGraph 227space
Choux ChantillyspaceBarGraph 206space
Choc-Rhum BallsspaceBarGraph 206space
Napoleon SquarespaceBarGraph 201space
Bing Cherry TartspaceBarGraph 193space
Pineapple TartspaceBarGraph 184space
Kirsch BuchettespaceBarGraph 178space
Orange TartlettespaceBarGraph 177space
Chocolate TartspaceBarGraph 176space
Blueberry TartspaceBarGraph 167space
Tuxedo SquarespaceBarGraph 162space
Banana TartspaceBarGraph 162space
Lemon TartspaceBarGraph 161space
Strawberry TartspaceBarGraph 160space
Kirsch PuffspaceBarGraph 159space
BrésiliennesspaceBarGraph 157space
Raspberry TartspaceBarGraph 156space
Choc-Orange CakesspaceBarGraph 155space
Chocolate PuffspaceBarGraph 153space
Kiwi TartspaceBarGraph 150space
Kirsch CakesspaceBarGraph 147space
Coffee TartspaceBarGraph 144space
Diamond WalnutspaceBarGraph 142space
Popularity graph for May-2017

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