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Frozen Molded
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spaceFrozen Molded (11)
spaceChoc-Chip MousseThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceLemon Mousse Cake
spaceOrange Mousse Cake
spaceMochaMousse Cake
spaceKiwi Mousse Cake
spaceMango-Pear Mousse
spaceStraw Mousse Cake
spaceRasp Mousse Cake
spaceBlack Forest Mousse
spaceChoc-Mint Mousse
spaceChoc Mousse Cake
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Frozen Molded

These cakes are frozen molded cakes, decorated before serving. Many different flavors to taste here, the mold used for most of these is a simple plate cover.

. . . and the Choc-Chip Mousse Wow is most popular this month . . .
Choc-Chip MoussespaceBarGraph 239space
Lemon Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 238space
Orange Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 230space
MochaMousse CakespaceBarGraph 215space
Kiwi Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 205space
Mango-Pear MoussespaceBarGraph 198space
Straw Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 185space
Rasp Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 183space
Black Forest MoussespaceBarGraph 179space
Choc-Mint MoussespaceBarGraph 170space
Choc Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 159space
Popularity graph for May-2017

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