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The Step-by-Step Photo Gallery
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spacePastry CreamThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceThe Princess Cake
spaceBuche de Noel
spaceFondant Icing
spaceStrawMousse Cake
spaceVienna Apple Strudel
spaceBavarain Cream
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spaceKiwi Mousse Cake
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spaceGateaux StHonore
spaceChocChip Mousse
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The Step-by-Step Photo Gallery

These step-by-step instructional Photo Galleries will help guide you through some of the more difficult procedures. Select the Gallery from the menubar on the left. There is also a short summary of each gallery and it's contents below.

. . . and the Pastry Cream Wow is most popular this month . . .
Pastry CreamspaceBarGraph 195space
The Princess CakespaceBarGraph 192space
Buche de NoelspaceBarGraph 175space
Fondant IcingspaceBarGraph 174space
ButtercreamspaceBarGraph 168space
StrawMousse CakespaceBarGraph 162space
Vienna Apple StrudelspaceBarGraph 160space
Bavarain CreamspaceBarGraph 156space
Equipment GalleryspaceBarGraph 154space
Kiwi Mousse CakespaceBarGraph 152space
Chataigne-ChestnutspaceBarGraph 144space
Ingredient GalleryspaceBarGraph 141space
Gateaux StHonorespaceBarGraph 141space
ChocChip MoussespaceBarGraph 127space
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~ Read a brief summary about each Gallery ~

Pastry Cream

How-to make and store perfect pastry cream every time. Using lowfat milk and your microwave oven.
Slideshow (26 photos)

Making Perfect Pastry Cream
Bavarian Cream - Step by Step

Bavarian Creme

Step-by-step process of making Bavarian Creme for mousse cakes, pastry, or just serving as is.
Slideshow (9 photos)

Strawberry Mousse Cake

Step - 1. How-to prepare and fill the mold - making a Strawberry Mousse Cake. All steps right up to the freezing of the mold.
Slideshow (27 photos)

Strawberry Mousse Cake
Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake

Choc-Chip Mousse Cake

Step - 2. How-to un-mold and decorate a Chocolate Chip Mousse Cake. Steps shown from the freezer to the table.
Slideshow (21 photos)

French Gateaux StHonoré

Gallery of photos from the making of this most popular and classic famous French Gateaux StHonor.é
Slideshow (25 photos)

Classic St. Honore
Making French Buttercream

French Buttercream

The complete step-by-step process of making French Buttercream.
Slideshow (27 photos)

Fondant Icing

Step by step detailed instructions on how to make real fondant icing. It's just sugar and water, and lots of detail.
Slideshow (30 photos)

Fondant Icing - Step by Step
Princess Triangle Pastry

The Princess Cake

Create this stunning dessert at home. Called the Princess Triangle Pastry Slice
Slideshow (27 photos)

bche de Nol au chocolat

All the steps to making and decorating this Chocolate Rhum Yule Log also known as buche de Noel.
Slideshow (27 photos)

Chocolate Yule Log
Chataigne - Chestnuts from Chocolate

Châtaigne - Chocolate Chestnuts

All the steps to making the confectionary Chestnuts and decorating  this Chocolate Holiday Cake.
Slideshow (23 photos)

Kiwi Mousse Cake

The Kiwi, an interesting fruit. Makes a dramatic addition to a pastry. Check out this simple frozen molded cake.
Slideshow (9 photos)

Kiwi Mousse Cake
Ingredient Descriptions

The Ingredient Gallery

Here is a collection of some 20 plus ingredients. Pictures and text describes each of the selected items.

Vienna Apple Strudel

Apple Strudel, this is an authentic pastry made with hand stretched dough, rich with butter and crunchy toasted almonds.
Slideshow (30 photos)

Ingredient Descriptions

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