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Large Tarts
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spaceLarge Tarts (13)
spaceApple Tart-22cmThe Most Popular item in this Category
spaceApricot Tart-22cm
spaceCherry Flan-16cm
spacePeach Tart-22cm
spacePear Frangipan Tart
spaceChocolate/Coffee Tart
spaceLemon Cream Tart
spaceTranche Rainbow Tart
spaceTranche Berry Tart
spaceRainbow Tart-Giant
space~~end of category~~
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Large Tarts

This category has the larger, multi-serving tarts and flan desserts. Lots of different ways to use fruits, whether in season or not, these tarts are designed to serve right to your table. My favorite here is the Cherry Flan.

. . . and the Apple Tart-22cm Wow is most popular this month . . .
Apple Tart-22cmspaceBarGraph 262space
Apricot Tart-22cmspaceBarGraph 113space
Cherry Flan-16cmspaceBarGraph 102space
Peach Tart-22cmspaceBarGraph 87space
Pear Frangipan TartspaceBarGraph 85space
Chocolate/Coffee TartspaceBarGraph 83space
Lemon Cream TartspaceBarGraph 80space
Tranche Rainbow TartspaceBarGraph 78space
Kiwi-Blueberry-22cmspaceBarGraph 76space
Blueberry-16cmspaceBarGraph 73space
Tranche Berry TartspaceBarGraph 71space
Strawberry-22cmspaceBarGraph 69space
Rainbow Tart-GiantspaceBarGraph 64space
Popularity graph for Dec-2017

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